Shocker: Male Pastor Wears Heels During Church Services

pastor was spotted in a video on Instagram sporting women’s high heels while in church. In a viral video making rounds on social media, the alleged pastor is seen rocking various high heels while preaching to his congregation

An unidentified supposed pastor has been spotted in a video on Instagram wearing women’s high heels while conducting church services.

The video suggests that this is something the unidentified pastor has become used to. This is because, the heels-wearing man is seen in one of the snaps interacting comfortably with a woman who appeared to be in need. He was also seen preaching and having a deliverance service with his congregation in an open spaced church. His church members also appeared to be comfortable with his footwear choice as they fellowshipped with him.

An image of the pastor wearing heels

It is not clear if the pastor wore the heels to demonstrate or explain a point to the church, however, from how he frequently wears and changes the heels, it appears to be his style.

The video has caused an uproar on social media, eliciting varied reactions from netizens. Some netizens who couldn’t fathom the actions of the pastor, and what incited him to do such a thing questioned if it was not a skit or a movie being shot.


Some others who found the whole situation humorous noted that the pastor wants to“meet the Most High”, making reference to the high heels he was wearing. In the same vein, some mentioned that the pastor was standing on a Holy ground and therefore wants to “elevate” and that accounts for the reason he is wearing the high heels.

Other netizens also questioned if the pastor is a gay. They explained that it is mostly gay men who decide to adorn themselves in women clothing especially, high heels. According to them, the unidentified pastor seemed to be very comfortable and confident in the heels and it looks like he has mastered the art of walking in it, which is a common trait of gay men. They then requested that if the pastor is gay, he should make it known. One social media user making fun of the pastor, wrote: “Pastor ‘gaybriel’”.

Meanwhile, some people who seemed to be staunch Christians didn’t find the whole situation as a funny one. They were crossed by the pastor’s outfit and even labeled him as being “lucifer”. They were of the view that such a person shouldn’t be left to lead a congregation as he will only be preaching “satan’s word” to innocent people. They further cautioned that anyone attending the pastor’s church, should immediately stop attending that church since “he will only be leading them to hell”.

However, some who appeared not to have an issue with the pastor’s choice of footwear argued that heels are part of men’s wardrobe. So, the pastor can wear what pleases him.

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